1.991       JOAN BROSSA, Writer and poet.

Penned a three-dimensional poem in a shop’s window which displayed a caganer figure,surrounded by shepherds, in an open umbrella crowned by the moon.

1.992       JOSEP BALLARIN, Writer.

He published the story, "The Caganer" in the newspaper, Avui. He clarifies the human condition of simplicity and brotherhood when he says, "we are all caganers".

1.993       JOSEP PERNAU, Journalist.

Proposed the caganer as the symbol of Barcelona’s Olympic Games. Better a plump caganer with full thighs than a "designer dog".

1.994       IGNASI P. FARRÉ, Cinematographer.

In his film "A Submarine in the Tablecloth", goldencaganers are given as lavish gifts to various celebrities.The main character lives with a craftsman who makes caganers.

1.995       FRANCESC TORRES, Artist.

In his installation "The Gladiator’s House (It Has a Garret)"he presents a diorama with a group of caganers situated in front of a blockage of toy tanks

1.996       ANTONI MIRALDA, Artist.

Installation entitled "Stories" with a row of caganers. A look at food through the eyes of a caganer.
1.997       JOSEP VALLÈS, Critic.
A collector of toilet seat covers, decorated with scatological themes.
1.998       ANTONI CARALBS, Doctor and Mayjor of Alella
      Major of Alella, first city to dedicate a monument to the caganer.

1.999       ENRIC POUS, Actor.

He appeared on a TV program where he spoke abouthis caganer collection in his outstanding manner of combining humor with the humane.

2.000       FER , Cartoonist.

His witty contributions to the newspaper "L’Avui" have occasionally starred figures of cagners.

2.001       LLUIS ANTON BAULENAS, Writer.

In his novel Happiness he describes a villagenamed "Alcagaire" , where the Gambús familysettles. The background landscape is in the form of the backside of a caganer.

2.002       VENTURA & COROMINA, Cartoonists.

Their depiction of a sheriff in the "old west" guarding an imprisoned caganer coincided withthe controversial exhibit of caganers, by Antoni Miralda, in the United States. look at the photos of the celebration here.

2.003       ANDREU BUENAFUENTE, TV Showman.        

He occasionally makes references to the caganer on his program; one episode included the presentation of an "Oscar"-styled  statue of a caganer. Look at the photos here.


Driving force behind the group “Clowns Without Frontiers”, founder of the Catalan circus CIRC CRIC, a visual poet. At the end of his act, he makes reference to caganers by striking the caganer’s pose.

 2005.      SISA, Singer

Jaume Sisa is from the Poblesec area of Barcelona. Linked with the fleeting folk group, Grup, heproduced his first single recording, L’Home Dibuixat, in 1968, recalling the “yeah-yeah” sound of pop music, a sound that captivated him since his adolescence. Afterward he founded – and buried – the instrumental group Música Dispersa.He was ostracized for a number of years, only to reappear on the scene in 1975 with Qualsevol Nit Pot Sortir El Sol (“Some Night the Sun Could Rise”).This distinguished itself as the biggest seller of all his albums.It is on this record where Sisa mentions the caganer. Photos here.

2006.       NARCÍS COMADIRA, Artist.

Born in Girona, 1942.Multifaceted artist (poet, painter, playwright, translator, publicist, and great lover of music); he studied at the seminary in Girona and the Monastery of Montserrat, as well as the schools ofArchitecture, Philosophy, and Letters at the University of Barcelona.
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Photos aquí

2007.       ALBERT OM, Journalist and TV Presenter.

Journalist, presenter, director of programs on radio and television,with a degree in Informational Sciences. Currently he hosts the program El Club, where he repeatedly speaks of the caganer figure.

Photos aquí

2008.       MARC PARROT, Singer and Songwriter.

Nominated for the words and music to his song “El Caganer, on the CD “Altres Cançons de Nadal vol. 4” (“Other Christmas Songs, vol. 4”), on the Música Global Discogràfica label.The words, in Catalan, are included in our bulletin, El Caganófil, summer 2009 issue.The song, so kindly ceded by the author, for the use of the Amics del Caganer, can be heard by clicking here.

2009.       FREDERIC FAURE, Patissier

Patissier from Girona, he has been making and selling chocolate caganers for more than 15 years.

2010.       ALBERT PLÀ, Compositor i cantant

Nominated for the words and music to his song "Hi ha d'haver-hi un caganer", very popular during 2009 Christmas. You can hear the song by clicking here