The Association of Friends of the Caganer was founded during the Christmas season of 1990 to unite and empower a group of people and related activities which, in turn, would lead to better knowledge and appreciation of the figure most emblematic to the Catalan Nativity scene: THE CAGANER.

Numerous activities have evolved since that date, through the work of the Association, to obtain the fundamental objective.From December 1992 we have published a semi-annual newsletter, CAGANÒFIL. It includes updates on the newest caganers, made by artisans, to be sold at the various Christmas fairs. You can also find informative studies on the caganer and newsworthy items related to the figure.The Christmas season is when we have the most activities. The most important of these are the exhibits, exclusively of caganers, which are held in different towns around Catalunya. These exhibits are very popular, attracting large numbers of visitors. This is also the season when we hold the annual members’ dinner to celebrate the person elected "Caganer of the Year". This is awarded in recognition of one’s connection to, or dissemination or use of, the caganer image in an artistic medium.